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Serenity Ridge Fall 2017

Registration closes in 8 days

Denver Hoops Session 1 2017

Denver Hoops is a skills-based basketball program that builds athletic ability and shapes leadership skills. Each week participants will practice the fundamentals of basketball; passing, dribbling and shooting and then apply those skills during live games. This allows each player to learn valuable lessons about cooperation and sportsmanship, as well as basic basketball skills and techniques all in a fun and encouraging environment!

Private Lessons Summer 2016

Private Lesson

Birthday Party 2017-18

Birthdays are fun with Hot Shots Sports and our customized party package is a kid’s dream!

Are you looking to do something exciting and new? Let Hot Shots Sports plan your child’s unique, memorable and hassle-free sports birthday party. Hot Shots Sports offers a variety of sports to help you make your next birthday party unforgettable and TONS OF FUN!

Hot Shots Sports Parties Include:
One hour of games and activities
Choice of 2 or 3 activities
A coach/instructor to run all sports activities
You choose the Sport: Baseball, Football, Soccer, Floor Hockey and more

DAT Day Camps 2017/18

The Multi Sports Day Camp is a half day or full day camp that features a variety of sports including soccer, baseball/t-ball, flag football, basketball, and other group games such as gaga, capture the flag and more. Campers focus on skill development and fundamentals for each respective sport, which will be followed by game play.

In addition, indoor activities such as arts and crafts and other projects will provide an opportunity to enhance creativity.

Campers will have a great day of sports and activities that will encourage teamwork. Make sure to pack a lunch, water bottle, and snacks for the day.

DAT 17/18 After Care

After Care is Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30.

Gold Crown Fall Classes 2017

Registration is closed

Hot Shots Sports aims to develop young athletes who will grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually in our sports programs. By redirecting the focus away from wins and losses and toward personal growth, we create an environment where winning is the byproduct of and not the means to success. This approach creates critical thinkers who understand the importance of giving their all in practice, games, and other life endeavors. Our Coaches take pride in fostering that drive, and motivating your child to find the champion inside of themselves.

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What is Hot Shots Sports?

Hot Shots Sports is a private organization that develops and organizes youth athletic programming. Hot Shots Sports programs stress the pure enjoyment of being involved in athletics and offers the opportunity for children to develop their skills in an environment where everyone plays and reward is given for the effort rather than the result. Participants learn to have respect for each other on and off the court. Hot Shots Sports was founded in 1994 and continues to provide athletic programming in New Jersey, Denver and Chicago.


Hot Shots Sports Staff Philosophy:

Our coaches have the responsibility to provide excellent instruction in the fundamentals and strategy of the sport as well as to create a healthy setting in which children can determine the benefits of sports participation. If this can be created, then everyone can win regardless of how many shots they made or how many goals they scored.